Subscription Renewal Instruction

Please follow four steps below to renew your yearly membership.

To start renewal process, go to "Account" page by clicking on the account link located on the right of the navigation bar. Navbar with an arrow showing account link

Once you're on your account page, review your subscription information panel on the right. If your subscription can be renewed, the site prompts you to do so. Subsription renewal prompt
Note that your membership is only renewable within the last three months of your membership year (October - December). And, if your membership already expires you will be prompted to renew your subscription at sign in. Follow the same steps in this guide to renew your membership.

Click "Renew" button to start your membership renewal process. Important! Once you start the renewal process, you must finish making your payment otherwise your membership will be in "Pending" status, and you will not be able to access your membership area.

Proceed to step 2 "Review Subscription" to continue.

Review your membership subscription information. It should show your new membership year, new expiration date, and the amount due. If there is any incorrect information, please contact your administrator for further assistance.

Proceed to make payment by clicking on the "Buy now" button. This will take you to PayPal to complete your payment.

You are now directed to PayPal. Follow instructions on PayPal website to complete your payment.

After payment is made successfully, you will be re-directed back to MSGIC Membership website. Verify/print the information for your record. And congratulations! You have renewed your membership.